this afternoon we will celebrate the life of matt's grandma...
Pauline Martin,
who passed away last Tuesday.
We rejoice in her life, and are sad that she is gone, but know that
she is without age and pain now, rejoicing with the Lord...
we will always remember grandma...she was a hugger...{as you can see}
she always hugged you and said she was praying for you,
or love you. love you. love you. :)
she was spunky and independent.
a prayer warrior who loved her family immensly.
we will miss your smiling face great grandma, but will treasure our
memories forever.

what a great life-giving service...each of grandma's children spoke of their mom...can you imagine? i could never have gotton through it, but they did so great! they spoke of how their mom wanted a very simple service...she wanted each of her children to speak, and the grandchildren to sing, and the message of salvation to be spoken. check. check. check.

sometimes i take the easy way out. :) and while it would have been easier to leave our kids behind, it was important to moppy and poppy that they be there, so...a toy bag was packed [my husband thought un-necessarily...but i see nothing wrong with some quiet amusements to get them thru a service...we will never see eye to eye on that one... ;) ] and off we went. they did extemely well. kaycee lost it at the graveside...this was before the actual memorial service.  so much...that i had to take her aside...she was crying and gasping for air. little heart broke, so then i had to cry with her. i know death shouldn't be a sad thing, but there is something very sad about never seeing great grandma's face again, never feeling her hugs, or hearing her will continue to talk thru the hard questions death brings up with our children and hope they can see the light...


stoltzfus3 said…
So sorry for your family's loss! Thinking of you and your family today!
Kendra said…
sorry for your loss. thinking of you and your family.
My Mom said…
oh man, i had no sorry. what a tear jerker....i cried with you and kaycee.....I LOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL!


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