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Friday, August 20, 2010

tHe bEaCh.

Ocean City, New Jersey
wednesday, august 18- thursday, august 19, 2010
call it the year of my vacations. call me spoiled. blessed. lucky. or agree with my husband that i am living a lavish lifestyle. whatever you call it...i was fabulously thrilled to be able to go to the beach with this unique group of friends i put together. just for one night. just for a breather. for fresh perspective. for a break. for some sun...which FINALLY came out on thur. morning after a day and night FULL of rain. {huge bummer}
                     we are women who are used to ADJUSTING...
                            and making GOOD use of our time...
                               we shopped...and saw a movie...
           {most of us N.E.V.E.R see movies in the theatre...E.V.E.R.}
                 and stayed on the beach until 6 was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.
     there was triplet girls...with two moms :)....beside us, and a pregnant mom      with two littles in front of us...i guess we were just noticing the    kiddies....because we didn't have ours, and N.O.N.E of us were pregnant or        nursing...THIS is VeRy UnUsuAL. :)
                         it was kinda nice to go to the beach with                       
                                 one chair, and one bag. so.nice.

    so...we fell in love with julia roberts all.over.again. she's just so   
                     f.u.n. well...and beautiful too...i guess?  ;)
[they got a little mixed up with some God concepts...but all in all...i
                     thoroughly enjoyed it...besides freezing in the theatre, i mean.]

                            ***remember to pause "my music" before you try to watch this.***

we laughed a lot. cried a little. read a bit.
and even fit in some running on the boards.
we missed the families we left behind.
but connected in a way that only this get-away allowed.
i honestly don't know how wives of years ago survived.
they didn't relate with women like i relate with women.
they didn't share their struggles and tragedies, their broken dreams, and their disappointments with each other. they kept things bottled up inside and somehow kept a smile on their faces.
they worked really hard in the fields, and cooked, and cleaned,
and pleased their husbands.
they surely make me look like a failure.
thank you daryl, seth, matt and nolan for keeping
peeps on the kids and allowing us the freedom
and opportunity to get away.
we love you all so deeply, and
are striving to be the best wives and mothers we
can be. i hope your wives came home
as invigorated and tan as i :)
thanks again and sorry we were late...

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Anonymous said...

looks like i great time miss and THRILLED you dragged nori along! wish i lived closer to celebrate the last days of summer with ya!

ps HUGE fan of julia roberts myself:)