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Monday, August 30, 2010


i must say the first day of school this year was a little bit nerve racking for me. one kid was easy enough...keeping papers straight, packing snack, being at the bus-stop on time...but with two...i think my head is spinning a little bit already...and this whole day! i don't know how you people do it that have full day kindergarten...that would TOTALLY stress me out...

we managed to get out of the house on time...we even arrived at the front door before 8:35 a.m. yeah for us...i do kind of cherish our walks to school...jogging stroller in tow. no one else gets to do it in our district...and it's fun time to chat about things...important why we don't say "this word or that" and un-important things like who forgot to brush their teeth. ;) i know we give people a good laugh...but i am totally okay with that. kaden and kaycee marched in good and nervous, but an excited nervous, which was so nice to see. i didn't have as much of a breakdown this year, as last...not sure why? but i am okay with not totally crying. it feels good not to cry sometimes. :) (you cryers out there can totally get my drift, right? )

kaden's favorite part of today was "art"...yeah...specials in first grade. so cool. kaycee's favorite thing was "crafts" now that's a shocker. :) they each even saw some kids in the hallways they knew...and get this...they said hi. so fabulous. at bedtime tonight they both told me they were still nervous. kaycee is nervous about getting her color card changed...she doesn't know if she remembers "all" the rules. (if they misbehave they get their "card" changed first to yellow, then to red, and then to orange...each with their own set of consequences)... kaden got his card changed to yellow last year twice, once for calling out, and not raising his hand, and once for putting his game away early...she hadn't told him it was time to clean up. yikes. mrs. schempp, she is great...but she runs a tight i wish kaycee would be that nervous at home...concerning the rules i mean. :) and kaden, well...he's nervous about when his teacher leaves today...she took them to art, and then she didn't stay...she left...and then came back to pick them up...bless his heart! he really loves his teacher. thank you JESUS. yay. my prayer for this year was that he would be placed in a class where he would T.H.R.I.V.E. i am believing with all of my heart that that is already happening...even on this first day. yay. again.

dismissal is at 3:25 p.m. for kaden...he arrived home at 3:50 p.m. with 7 busses behind, and cars in both directions...totally bizarre. now how can walking out the back door, thru the yard, NOT be safer than that?

i was praying like crazy all day. it felt good. it really feels good to know my kids had a great first day. it won't last i know...but i am glad and thankful for today!


Mark Buckwalter said...

Hey missy,
glad to hear your kids had a great first day. my kids did too. sarah just hopped right on the bus with a big smile. i took pictures this year but we will see about posting still feels crazy and still feel like it is an upward climb but two less kids does help.
anyways...have a great one.

Kendra said...

Glad to hear they are both adjusting to school this year! My 2 are as well. Francesca is a bit nervous, and hesitant to get on the bus as Ihave to just kind of prod her along! Wish we could walk to school! I did that from K-6th grade and loved it! Hope things work out where they will FINALLY let the kids walk home! Just don't get why they can't. BTW, parker got yellow once last year. A boy teased him(about a girl liking him--rayna from prek) and parker swung his jacket at him. to me not a big deal, but I guess TODAY it is!