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Thursday, August 4, 2011

the beach. 2011.

so our beach trip this year was kind of botched a bit
by the arrival of my niece, piper, and precious karolina.
my mom did not want to plan our annual one week beach trip, with
our Buckwalter family, when she wasn't sure when the babies would arrive.


if you know me, well...and my sister, you know we were devestated.
do you plan your children around your vacation?
naaah. the Lord takes care of those things... parents went to the beach for this week,
just them,
and my little family of 7, went to crash their party. :)

karolina's first "real" outing...
a trip to Ocean City, NJ @ 10 days old.

yep. you got it.
karolina slept most of the day there.
she did great on the beach...well...she did great everywhere.
not a peep.
i suppose she liked the sound of the waves?

so thankful for a wonderful husband who took the kids out in the water...
while i "rested" , or nursed, on a chair nearby. :)

and what fun is vacation if mam-maw doesn't give them soda on demand?

and kaden even got to try out his new paddle ball game he got for his birthday...
(i couldn't get an action camera is just too slow.)
thanks jaiden, reese, and piper. :)

and lollies and ice pops on the beach.
is there anything better?
 i think not.

***thanks mam-maw and pap-paw for letting us crash in on your vacation.
it was so worth it. the kids love the beach, almost as much as their mommy, and well, matt, he was just a trooper. we really hope we have a real family trip again next year, but if not, i guess we can just keep crashing in on yours. :) ***

my mom was a bit worried about me
i came home very weary and moving a bit slower,
but so glad we went. so glad.
took wednesday "off" and feel good as new today. :)

gotta love the beach.


Shelby said...

Precious pictures girl:) Love OC, NJ~Our favorite vacation spot. Karolina Grace is absolutly beautiful.


Chelsea said...

you are amazing! :) campbell's swimsuit is adorable and karolina is so precious!! i can't get over how much kaycee looks like you.

Kendra said...

glad you got to go! I too LOVE the beach and so do the kids, Jason not so much! we have only been for the day one time this summer, hope to make it again.

Anonymous said...

You and the beach are so funny!!! Glad you got to go and that everyone had fun and enjoyed it...I think you are a bit crazy ;) but that is just because everytime I have been to the beach with the kids it has been seriously unpleasent in one way or the other....