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Monday, August 29, 2011

school. first day. 2011.

kaden started 2nd grade today.
kaycee started 1st grade today.
boo.hoo. :(

another step in mommy letting go.
that's what today was.

my kids can walk home from school, but...
i wanted them to ride the bus this week,
to "practice" when they have to ride the bus,
in yucky weather.

kaycee missed the bus.
by no fault of her own.
she apparently had 2 bus assignments,
and it wasn't caught by the teacher until kaycee's real bus
had already left. ugh.

she was so brave.
no tears at school.
she saved them just for me.

but she's ready to try again tomorrow.


Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

great picture. calli looks so grown up...they all do!
hope you were able to enjoy a bit of a break! :)
love ya, heather

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Karolina looks like a little doll!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Missy,
We have the same grades in our house....Jared starts Grade 2, and Allison starts Grade 1, but not until after Labour Day in Ontario. I do wonder how Allison will adjust to going all day, every day. I know that I will miss the kids once they are gone to school again! :) Hope you and the family are doing well. Enjoy having "only" three kids home for a few hours each day!
Take Care,
Sharlene Huizinga
Ontario, Canada

Missy. said...


leave me your e-mail sometime. :) or else e-mail
kaycee is doing well so far, i was nervous about her adjusting as well, as kindergarten was a tearful adjustment for her. :( and that was just half days everyday. so far so good. it is a surreal feeling. everyday so far at lunchtime i think i have to go get her off the seems like such a long day for them to be away. :) here's to the transition. :) missy.