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Friday, August 19, 2011


i don't really have anything good to say.
 i am sad summer is on it's way out.
yep. sad.
and sad that school is in its way in. :(
praying that my children will flourish this year...
and have prayed that my children will thrive in the classrooms they
were placed in for this school year.
so far, lots have good things to say about the teachers we received.

Jesus is faithful.
and i am thankful.

wednesday night there was an Amish hymn sing around our pond.
first time i experienced this.
(my in-laws and their friend, dayton, planned it).
a family of 13 came to sing for us.
they sang beautifully.
that is one thing i wish i could do.
i cannot carry a tune to save my life.
i do love to sing. i just do not sound good. :)
it was fun to watch them.
this calm, peaceful mother of 11
(although 3 are married and have children of their own).
and there i sat with my 5.
a funny feeling.
and then we had smores.

(and this is sadie...she loves.loves.loves. babies...she stole karolina right away)

we are having more work done on our house. again.
leaking over our kitchen ceiling.
which has gotton worse. and worse. and worse.
so. now we are fixing that roof and adding a car port while we are at it.
lots of pounding. and banging. and sawing.
enough commotion, that it is no longer safe to let my kids outside unattended.
(well...maybe that's never safe, but...)

and my sister in law sent me this quote from a book she's reading.
it came at the most perfect time.
i love this time in my life.
i love mothering.
especially a newborn.
i love feeling needed. and cuddling. and soothing an infant,
like only a mother can.
the part i can't stand, for myself, is the way i can't fit into anything.
the only part about having a baby i can't stand. :(

so here's the quote from:
loving the little years...motherhood in the trenches

"Scars and stretch marks and muffin tops are all part of your kingdom work. One of the greatest testimonies Christian women can have in our world today is the testimony of joyfully giving your body to another."  ~rachel jankovic.

ha.ha.ha. i laughed. and laughed.
it made me feel better about myself anyway. :)

i don't know that it makes it any easier that i can't button my pants...

especially in a world that is marked by addictions to pornography.
in a church that is, statistically speaking,
also struggeling with addictions to pornography
that no one wants to discuss or talk about or make better. :(

but that's for another post.

and we got the stomach bug here.
everyone had a piece of it, or not feeling well, except for me.
and calli got it first,
and threw up all over the basement,
over lots of blankets, and pillows, and all over her cousin, Gemma.
talk about mortified.
the only good thing is that Gemma is only 2.
so hopefully she will not remember any of it. :)
sorry guys...

guess that's all for now.
go grab some sunshine. :)

and the Lord smiled on our day today.
isn't he amazing?


Shelby said...

Love this pictures girl:) You look fabulous and I just told my girls last night that the Lord keeps his promises. That rainbow was beautiful.


jodi said...

LOVE the carport...I am sure you will too:)

Anonymous said...

I love the carport too!!! i love carports really!!!

Anonymous said...

No worries! All that Gemma remembers was how much fun she had with her cousins. She still talks about Calli. I can't wait for them to play together again. I'll have to send you photos from our visit.