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Sunday, August 28, 2011


for real.
i would never, ever want to endure a real bad hurricane.
i laid in bed last night for hours, thinking my bedroom window was
going to come crashing in on me at any second.
i am not kidding.
it sounded that bad.
(i don't know how my husband was snoring away beside me?)

all that quiet.
laying there.
also made me focus on praying.
for our safety, protection.
for our week ahead...which will hold the first day of school.
for some of my friends who are delivering their kids off to college.
and leaving them there.
all that lies ahead.

i did finally fall asleep.
to be awakened by the generator turning on. at midnight.
and our lights going out.
to panic-ed little voices calling out in the dark night.

i didn't get much sleep last night.
and it's okay.

but i would like our electric back.
that's all.  

i don't really want to do last night.
all over again.
if i really don't have too. :)
but it's my job. i know. no more outta me.

i know. you are on it PECO.
i know.
but could ya hurry?

p.s. an update on monday morning is:
we got our electric back on at 9 p.m. sunday night.
so did the school, but that is after we got the 8:30 pm call
that they will open on a 2 hour delay for the first day of school.
how memorable. :)
apparently there were still quite a few people out in our district
as of last night, as well, so...
we will take our time this morning. :)


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess you guys didn't have power b/c of the huge tree that went down out Lois' house, saw it on FB. From what I gather that seems to the general trend...husband snoring away not seeing any reason to be awake...wife lying in bed worrying about the storm!! Our power only went out for about 12hours, a surprisingly short time for us...but, yes, there was lack of sleep on my part too! Happy First day of school!