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Sunday, February 19, 2012


so some of you knew that i had gotton sick about 3 weeks ago.
so sick that i laid on the floor for 2 days, and finally went to the doctor.
i was given antibiotics, and after 8 days stopped taking them,
because on day 3 i got violently ill.

2 weeks later i was still sick, so i called the doctor.
some cultures were taken.
friday i found out that i have a serious intestinal infection
better known as c. diff. (it has a huge long name, but most people know it as c.diff).
all i knew about this infection is that it has always spread like wild fire in
the nursing homes and hospitals i had worked at...

so. great.
apparently anyone has a chance of getting c.diff with any antibiotic.
there are, however, certain antibiotics that are known to cause a c. diff infection more than others.
my antibiotic was not one of them.
but...i got it anyway.
it spreads easily where people have lower immune systems, and in places like
that, contact precautions are taken.
for around here, i am just trying to keep things *clean* and do lots of hand washing...
but generally speaking, it is usually only contagious amoung sick people...

we are finding a new normal around here.
i am not allowed to nurse while on this medication.
while some think this is no big deal
 (and maybe it really isn't in the whole big scheme of things)
it is a big deal to me.
i was pretty devestated.

karolina has had 3 feedings with a bottle.
she already likes to hold it herself.
but that's what i was afraid of.  :)

for now, i pump, and try not to cry as i dump it all down the sink.
this will happen for 10 days.
one day down. nine to go. :)

i must say it's kind of nice to have some helpers.
the kids are fighting over who gets to give Karolina her bottle. :)
campbell said to me today, " mom. i will take care of karolina and milk her.
you can go take a nap. i know you are tired."  :)

so for now...just trying to manage...and rest.
the meds make me feel a teeny bit miserable if i let them...
i am trying mind over matter. :)


Buzzmills said...

oh miss!! I hope you feel better soon soon soon!! ANd, I totally feel you on the nursing...but, look at it this will help you to get some rest while others feed little karolina!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Missy..sounds not fun at.all. especially the not nursing part...Looks like you have lots of great help :)LOTS of prayer will sent your way over the next 10 days!!

Rita Z :)gr

Shelby said...

Oh girl I didn't know you are feeling so bad. I will be praying for you. Sorry about the nursing part:( Get plenty of rest, if you can;) If you need anything, please do not hesitate to call. Praying you will get enjoy many more nursing moments with sweet Karolina:)