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Friday, February 3, 2012

jump start.

i got this out of one of my favorite little devotional magazines i pulled off my shelf last's from renew: a devotional magazine for women. and i love it.

i don't know why quiet time has to be so hard for me...well, nix that. i do know why quiet time is so hard for me: a) i can't get out of bed early enough, and b) if i don't get out of bed early enough, then there is really no quiet time in my house, or quality quiet time, until the kids go to bed at night, and by then i am too tired to pull out my bible, and let's just admit it, c) it's not a priority...because if it was, i would *get it done*. what is wrong with me?

why can't i make this a priority in my ~everyday~ life? and well...i guess it's not quiet time i really struggle with. i am quiet before the Lord a lot thru my day, i pray a lot thru my day, it's the sitting down, and resting, being quiet before the Lord i struggle with. the opening of his word, that i struggle with...probably because i have to ~sit down~ to do that part. :( regardless of what i struggle with, and what you may struggle with, i thought there were some really good thoughts in this segment. what do you think??

jump-start your quiet time

enough with the excuses. here are ten ways to revitalize your time with God:

1. begin a prayer journal. a simple spiral notebook will do. keep track of your prayer requests and praises. better yet, write out your prayers to God.

2. study psalm 119 for a month. read six verses each day and write down the blessings and benefits of knowing God's Word.

3. ask a friend to be your study buddy. study the same book of the Bible and meet regularly to discuss what God is teaching you.

4. make a list of everything you are thankful for, from sunshine to God's gift of salvation. refer to this list often, especially when you're frustrated or discouraged.

5. pray scripture for yourself, your family or friends. for example, for salvation, read: isaiah 45:3, 2
Timothy 2:10, for purity: psalm 51:10; for joy: 1 Thessalonians 1:6; for love of God's Word: psalm 19:9-10.

6. incorporate christian music into your quiet time. read or sing the words of a favorite hymn or listen to a praise CD. contemplate how the lyrics draw you closer to God.

7. read your favorite psalm, then write your own paraphrase of it, personalizing the psalm to fit your circumstances.

8. vary your setting. if you normally have your quiet time indoors, try praying while you walk through your woods, or bring your Bible and meditate by a quiet stream.

9. establish a family quiet time. read a Bible passage together and discuss it. share prayer requests and take turns praying for one another. encourage your children to act out one of their favorite Bible stories, complete with costumes and props.

10. listen to God. ask him to free you from distractions, then sit quietly and allow him to speak with you.

so...i continue to try to learn scripture with my kids. there is ~nothing~ i love more than someone praying scripture out-loud. i want to be that is just not there...yet. :) i am also a journal-er. always have been. i don't as much anymore, because this helps with that, but i still try to write on paper, my thoughts...and not just on the bad days, which is sometimes my tendency...but then i think, "what in the world are my kids going to think of me, when i am gone, and they find all these journals, filled with my struggles and ugly thoughts", ha.ha.ha. and that helps me remember to write my good thoughts and blessings in there as well. what motivation. eigh? :) i think i want to try the psalm 119 thing for a month. what a challenge that will be for me.

 my neice, piper, at the zoo. the difference in these 2 kids is wild.
piper is only 3 wks older, but seriously. she is crawling. :) and throwing herself
out of her crib. eeeekkkkk. she is ~not~ going to miss a beat. that is for sure.

and this is little lovee...all snugglee, and didn't move the entire time we were at the zoo.
she hardly sits up. let alone crawls. i'll take it. :)

anyway. hope this inspires you, like it has inspired me... happy Super bowl weekend. Go Patriots. they are in it right? :) just kidding. i really don't give a rip who wins. :)

and...most friends i have make fun of me because i am waaaaayyy to young to listen to wdac, or 94.5, but it is on in my house, pretty much all day long. i wonder what is going to happen when the spiritual super giants, like dobson, and kay arthor, etc. are going to pass away. do we have spiritual giants to take over? hmmm. anyway, today and yesterdays programs were AWESOME...carol kent spoke. if you haven't read her books. DO SO. if you haven't heard these programs. DO SO. i am sure they are on focus on the family's website, or it will air again tonight at 8:30 p.m. she shares candidly, honestly and openly about her ONLY son who will spend life in prison, for killing a man. it is a real story about a christian mother who hurts everyday. who did everything she knew how to do to raise her son in a christian home, with christian influences...and wow. what a testimony for all the hurting people in the world. check it out. ~mk.


Angela said...

I'm journeying through the whole quiet time thing here too! I just love the pics of Karolina. Brielle has the same hat and is taking her time with the whole moving around thing too - fine by me. I love the snuggling!

Shelby said...

Hey girl thanks for openness and honesty. I too struggle with time with the Lord, pretty much on a daily basis and try every day, but fail alot. I started our book, which really is awsome so far. Thank you for inviting me to the Bible Study!

Angie Myer said...

I love WDAC too!! :)