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Friday, February 17, 2012

*kitchen demo*

hmmm. i am going to have to go digging, and see if i can find some "before" kitchen pictures.

this is the last 2 1/2 days of progress...

for this first picture...i am standing in what used to be our "old" office looking into the kitchen...since we remodeled our office last year...this room, was not really anything, just an in between room, it didn't serve a purpose. that making this decision all the more easy to make...we like having a purpose around here. :)

now i am standing in our kitchen looking into our "old" office...

now i am standing in our old office looking into our kitchen...
today they did a lot of work...
this was a weight bearing wall they took out.
so...with the wall coming out, a steel beam went up.

and now looking into our old office again, from the kitchen.
i am really loving it already.

dry waller is coming monday to do his thing.
and then we will have to rip up that carpet, and see what the floor looks like underneath...
could be it feels like you will fall thru the floor in several spots in that room. :)

i am dreaming.
i was telling my sister in law this week that it is so fun to dream.
but it is even more fun when your husband is handy, and knows how to make dreams a reality.
having someone who knows what can happen, and what can't is awesome.

so...thinking about flooring. painting. an island. a new kitchen table.

all fun thoughts.


we are having a sleep over with my neice, reese.
it sounds like i might go need to settle some little peeps.

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Ang Stoltzfus said...

i told you that i was stalking your blog!!!:)
THANK YOU for posting!
soo super exciting! love it! you will have so much more room! yay!