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Thursday, February 16, 2012

did you say cabbage?

so i learned way back in novembe or december that i needed to make a cabbage
costume for kaycee for her 1st grade school play...which was tonight.
the production was called, " how does your garden groove"
and it was very, very cute.

thanks jane for the sites you sent me.
they were a huge help...i copied a lot, and tweaked as well. :)

i must say i was a lot skeptical about how many kids were going to have veggie costumes.
it's not like you can go to the store and buy them...
eggplants, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, corn, spinach, french fried potatoes, green beans, peas, etc.

( good friend from high school did just correct me...her son got to be french fries, and
she did find a slammin' french fry costume for him to wear. he was rockin' it. :)  )

but the costumes were pretty much out of this world.
fabulous. so fabulous the principal said there will be more of this in the future...
i said, "oh no", and the dad sitting beside me said,
" looks like you have one of every vegetable sitting beside better get busy for next
year awhile."  :)

(kaycee's friend Lydia, and Francesca)

i do think the kids who didn't have costumes just didn't show up, which is kind of sad. :(

they didn't have costumes last year for kaden's 1st grade play...
so, we'll tuck this puppy in the attic, just in case campbell gets to be a cabbage in 2 years. :)
it was also helpful to have signs on the front of their costumes, which told you what they were...
otherwise, this is looking a little "lettucey". :)
i might have a couple more pics to add tomorrow, but they are on my other camera...

hope to post some pics tomorrow of our new renovation project.
it is going to ROCK.
i am very excited.
my kitchen is getting b.i.g.g.e.r. by the day. :)


Jane said...

Missy!! I love it! You did a great great job!!! And, definitely save it!! Kaycee does look like un petite chou chou!!

Shelby said...

Girl, seriously too cute:) Love it. Can't wait to see your renovation project, you never cease to amaze me girl. I am getting my kitchen redone next week, well started. Yikes.... hopefully it will go without a hitch. Love the costume. Sorry I wasn't at Bible Study again, the baby is sick and has a wheeze and Sabrina just got over some virus with 104 degree temp. I wanted to spare you of getting either of these:)

Jessica P. said...

Correction -- I found that you can buy a French fry costume - which is exactly what I did. This chick is NOT crafty! Next time, Jane, I'm coming to you, also! :)