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Thursday, June 14, 2012

a bird.

so...i woke early this morning, not because i wanted too, but i just cannot fall back to sleep. my head is lightly pounding. i know i am exhausted. isn't it frustrating when you are really tired, and can't go back to bed, for the life of you? i tried reading a really good book...bloom, by kelle hampton...(i put her trailer on here a few weeks friend got the book, and loaned it to me...) anyway,  that didn't work, so i just relucktantly got up out of bed. matt is already gone for his thursday morning breakfast routine.

i came down to the computer, sit down, about to get frustrated, and hear something "banging" around my kitchen. seriously. i am thinking oh man. who is in my house, now? at 6 a.m.? (it is really not uncommon for me to come downstairs during the day to find people in my house...friends, the mail woman, salesman, the list goes on...but at 6 in the morning, that would be a little un-usual.) my thoughts immediately go to my brother and sister in law who had an intruder in their house at 4 a.m. the other month. talk about a wierd, scare you out of your mind story, but anyway, i slowly peer out into the kitchen, from my office, and there is a big black bird, tearing my kitchen apart. flying around, trying to fly through the closed windows, knocking stuff off the counters. oh . my.

you may have never seen me move so fast. i run over to the living room, prop that door shut. a farm house is lovely. most of the time. but having a bird in your kitchen, with doors that don't close all the way, is a big.fat.bummer. came back over to the office, and prop this door shut. now what? i can feel my heart start beating faster. i can feel myself start to get hot and sweaty, like i do when i see a living, moving, breathing mouse. i am TERRIFIED of mice. my cell phone is in the kitchen, and i am surely not going out there. the way things sound this bird is going to fly right for my head if i make an appearance. :)

so, i do what any normal wife would do. i go upstairs and call my man. "did you miss the bird that is tearing apart our kitchen?" i say. "what,?" he responds? "did you miss the bird in our kitchen", i say. "i guess so." he responds. well, this clearly is not going well, i thought. so...he instructs me to close all the doors to the rest of the house, which thankfully this smart woman already did, and open the doors and chase it out with a broom. not really what i was hoping for, but kind of what i was expecting him to say. :)

i casually come down the steps.  i dart into the kitchen, run down the basement steps, get a broom, exit the basement to the outside, and go to the back deck, and slide open the patio screen door. the poor bird. any sound i made made him go crazier. by now, i am PRAYING profusely. dear lord...don't make me go in that kitchen with a broom. PLEASE don't make me go in that kitchen. my biggest fear is that another bird is going to fly into my house...there are about 5 birds flying around outside...they like to roost behind our chimney that is falling away from our house, :), which happens to be right beside our patio door.

anyway, i run down the deck stairs, and wait. i am contemplating my next move. i think i am going to go pound on my kitchen windows with the broom handle, when i see this bird, gracefully come out of no where, and fly across the field. could it have really been that easy? i don't think so, but that bird HAD to come out of my kitchen, it was flying FAST. so, i go around the side of the house, broom i n hand. i cautiously open the back kitchen door and listen. silience. the bird did infact fly out the open screen door. thank you JESUS. you totally rock.

now. i better get some coffee, and get my morning started off a little better. and to start to wonder how that dumb bird got in my house in the first place...i was hoping to find some big gaping hole in a screen. no such luck.

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Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

sounds like a crazy morning! :)
hope your week is going good! thought of you several times with your full house! we are counting down the days here in our house...moses hasn't given me the update in minutes recently but it's almost here! see you soon!
heather ;)