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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

we are *back*

and it feels good.
although...i really think i could be quite happy living at the beach for a whole summer. :)

this year there was 10 adults...and this is my parents with their 18 grandchildren.
( the 15, 13, and almost 11 year old were so helpful...the rest are all under 8 years old)  :)
we were all there. in one big house.
was so much fun. most of the time.

the beautful warm weather,
cousin time,
a "rest" from the normals of life...especially farming,
getting stuck on the boards with a jogging stroller, and 3 nephews, in a HORENDOUS thunder storm
and down pour,
hearing the waves crashing...always makes me wonder at God's might!

 i've heard this year at the beach best described by my sister-in-laws...
it was more "divide and conquer" this year than ever before.

"can you watch these 10 kids on the beach,
 while i run these 3 back to the bathroom."

 that's what that means. :)

(kaycee-7, calli-3, and campbel-5  on ferris wheel)

 i didn't get a lot of good beach pics.
i left that up to my brother mark...and have yet to see them. :)

(cousin jaiden and kaden-8)

(neice piper-1...she walked at 8 months old. )
(while karolina was back at the house napping for hours, busy piper got to be at the beach with the big kids.)   :)

(calli...building in the sand.)

karolina threw my cell phone in the pond today. :(
ya know. i was just trying to be a good mom...
play with the dog...manage some extra kids...and get a tan...all at the same time.
boo. is "soaking" in rice for the recommended 3 days. texting for me.
call me on my home line or e-mail me.
thanks. :)

(FYI...cell phone works great. was kinda hoping for a new updated version.
oh well. my patience will continue.)  :)

campbell...(good-bye ocean city, new jersey...until next year)


Shelby said...

Oh no, I dropped mine in the kids bath and the rice really worked for me:) I hope the same for you. Glad you had a nice vacation.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

o my word.
rice does wonders!!
can't wait to see beach pics.