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Monday, June 11, 2012

party of 8.

party of 8.
you say what???

nope. i am NOT pregnant. :)
we are quite happy and content being our own awesome party of 7.

i am infact watching my friends sweet angel baby this week.
aria is 7 months old. karolina is 10 months old.
yippppeeee. :)
i now ~fully~ know why mommas of twins are SUPER skinny.
they never get to sit down. EVA'.
and i only acquired this sweet baby last night at 6:30 p.m.
did i also mention we have bible school this week?
 i cannot transport any of our friends, because our car is already packed
beyond full. yikes. :)

knowing i was going to have aria this week as caused me to become SUPER organized.
most of my beach food is packed and waiting in the mudroom.
my kids suitcases are mostly packed and waiting.
my groceries are bought, meal plan is waiting for the week.
why can't i operate like this ~every~ week? :)

did i mention this is our FIRST day of SUMMER?
i am so excited.
i started making our summer 'fun to do' list this morning,
and the kids haven't even helped with it yet.
i am afraid it's going to be pretty long.
intentional, right?
 i am going to be intentional about having one more great summer with my kids.
they are growing so fast. way too fast.
i am adjusting to each new stage, but thankful the teenage years are still off in the
distance a little teeny bit away. :)

our first night went great.
one down, 3 to go, and i will return aria on thursday night to her own bed...
so that i can get ready to go on vacation...
ready to pull out the drive sat. morning.
yay. can't wait.
love the beach. add the fun chaos of my parents, siblings, and our 18 kids combined
and you have a slammin' good time. :)
beautiful sunny warm weather is almost a must...i should say that. :)

you haven't heard from me much because i was cranky with bad poison ivy.
first kaden got it.
and shortly after i.
i ~finally~ went to the doctors on friday for some steroids.
they are making a huge difference...although i cannot sleep.
i am like WIRED...and wake up every hour...which i have  been for the last week anyway,
because i am so itchy, everywhere. uck. the pits.

but i am on the mend.
have all kinds of inside work to do, while i have my extra baby...
ready  for a great week.

seth and glenda...
your sweet girl is doing great.
we pray for you, and talk of you missing her lots. :)
hopefully we will return her perfect.
she is getting lots of attention around here already. :)
have a great time being just the two of you!!  xoxo.

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Angie Myer said...

I don't know how you do it all!! :) Thank you SO SO much for the dress, it fits her perfectly! This is a lot of fun! :) Have a great time at the beach!