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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


so another "main" reason why i felt like i should keep aria this week,
was that special people like my sister, and sister-in-law, and in-laws kept my 4
children 2 summers ago, when matt and i went on our motorcycle trip out west
for two weeks.

it was a dream. i am not kidding.
so surreal.
it was a very special time for us.

married people don't get to go away and have
that frequently. that's all.
it's hard when you have kids. and babies.
and who in the world would you trust to keep your babies?

all that to say.
i am so glad matt "made" me go.
it was the hardest trip i ever made. but also the best.
can that be?

yep. simply. it can.
so while some wonder how in the world i would even consider adding another to my own,
...that's why. it's worth it.
and i have ~never~ seen an easier baby.
i knew aria was a good baby. but she is ~rediculous~
not a cry. lays around and plays and coos and laughs at us.
she just lays in her pack-n-play.
the only reason i know she wakes up, is because i keep checking on her.
she doesn't even make a peep.
it's the craziest thing.
a new place. a new bed. new people.
she's so good.

anyway...when we were on our trip.
our 2 oldest children got sick.
throw up sick. at my sister-in-laws...
who at the time, had four children of her own,
and a new little foster guy...
and my brother was away on his own motorcycle trip.
~i don't know how that happened, but that wasn't my call~  :)

and is happening here.
kaden was sick with a very sore throat and headache last week.
came home from school and slept until the next morning.
he woke up, and was fine.

( one of his last days as a 2nd grader, "goodbye Octorara PLC")

yesterday morning kaycee woke up,
and had a very sore throat, and fever.
just didn't look so good.
did end up getting sick, but it was more of a "throat" reflux than anything else...
she can be a little dramatic if it has to do with throwing up. :(
praying she is back to normal today.
(kaycee was diagnosed with strep 6/12/12)

and now matt is sick.
yuck. sick.
he got in from baling/hauling hay last night at 10:30 p.m.
he works so hard.
i saw him at lunchtime yesterday.
and in the car when i was transporting him to pick up tractors, etc.
farmers work soooo hard.
it's so demanding.
sometimes i wish my husband worked 9 to 5. or even 7 to 7.


(this was not from yesterday, but last week...but happens everytime we bale.
i used to have to drive these bales. back when i had only 4  kids. :) )
anyway. he's throw up sick.
pray for him.
because farming doesn't give sick days.

and i ~really pray~ we don't pass this along at the beach next week.
that would be the true disaster.
i wouldn't want to send it home for aria to give her parents as a welcome home gift either. :( of 8:53 a.m. it is sounding like it's something we picked up at the king reunion on sunday.
lots and lots of people are sick.
oh brother.
now it's not sounding like something we "picked up" but more
like food poisoning. oh dear. least i don't have to worry about passing it along at the beach,
since it's food poisoning. :) just kick this strep outta here. :)

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