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Thursday, May 31, 2012

*fresh strawberries*

fresh picked strawberries.
ready to go.

$3.50/ box.
(walmart's may be cheaper,
but they are not nearly as good,
nor picked by the Amish.  :)   )

i will deliver if you are close by.  :)

so...truth be told.
i am not trying to make money here.
i am simply trying to get out of another bind.
i like to get in these binds when i go to the produce auction.

i actually got so excited when i heard the price was one of the lowest on strawberries all morning.
i had been going to the auction for a couple weeks now, in hopes of finding strawberries cheap...
to get to make some jelly.

no such luck.

now i am frustrated...i don't have time to keep driving down here for nothing...
i want strawberries. today.

so there i was...started bidding,
went $2 over "my" price to begin with,
and then won a HUGE lot of strawberries.

i knew it was a lot of strawberries.
but this was rediculous.
it was 16 FLATS of strawberries.
that is 128 green boxes of strawberries.
heart attach.
can you believe it?

in my is kind of hard to try to pay
attention at an auction, with 3 littles in hand...
no excuse. trying. i know. :)

so, needless to say,
my in-laws graciously offered to help me make some jelly.
after stopping off at the Amish store to
buy a 50 lb. bag of sugar.
can you believe that? :)
we were on our way.

i am beat.
kids were selling strawberries at the end of our
lane tonight, which they love,
and i am always amazed at how much they sell it flowers or strawberries now. :)
my cute parents drove down and took a couple flats for her weekend company.
my in-laws took a bunch too, after i beat them here working all afternoon. :(
thank you. thank you. thank you.

so, now i am freezing some, and
hoping to get rid of the remaining 4 flats tomorrow.
any takers? :)

kids have off school...they will like that for a little while anyway. :)

my feet are sticking to the floor.
i kid you not.
 going to finish freezing, a quick deep floor cleaning, and hit the sack.

sleep well.

update at 12:51 p.m. Friday. SOLD OUT.
thanks friends.

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