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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

kaycee's MRI...

is DONE.
and she did SO GREAT.

we opted for NO SEDATION...and i am so thankful we did that.
she was a total rockstar.
it was not traumatic in the least.

since we opted for no sedation, we got to watch a movie until they were ready for us.
which also meant they wheeled a lot of sedated adults past our room.
sedated adults. from their completed MRI's.
so...that made for perfect conversation with my girl,
about why we are opting out of sedation. :)

people. seriously.
if my 7 year old can do it. so can you!!!!
i know you can!!
(incase any of you out there are having doubts. ha.ha.ha.)
a closed mri...
encapsulated her tiny body...but she laid so still for the entire time...
listening to my ipod of worship music and Bible school songs.
with her mama sitting outside the machine,
praying the whole entire time.
before we both knew it,
45 minutes had passed,
and we were good to go.

the lab tech wondered if kaycee could go tell some tatooed 16 year old guy
to get himself together and suck it up. :)
he could sit still for his tattoos, but not an mri.
i found that ironic as well.

DuPont is totally awesome.
everyone we had contact with was fabulous.

we got a free meal ticket.
followed our written directions to the cafe.
and chowed down.

i followed the same eating instructions as my daugther
to show some support, and it's "no big deal thinkin'"
so...we were both happy to sit down and eat.

we are home. and happy.
thank you. thank you. thank you.
i know so many people were praying for her and me.
and i am soooo thankful for that.
God is so good.  ~mk.'s now 6:17 p.m. and i just got off the phone with Kaycee's Dupont doctor.
her name is Dr. Louise Nichols, and she totally rocks.
our MRI was done at 2:45 p.m. and she just called me with the results.
(God even showed favor...and we got to get started earlier than our appointment time).

a diagnosis of: toxic synovitis.
it looks like back in february and march when our whole household
was rocked with illness,
that some of that crossed Kaycee's growth plate,
and got lodged in her joint...
causing her pain. the only real symptom.
the MRI is showing that that is much better already...
so we pray for continued healing,
and that the pain would dissipate and she would be good to go.

it was so scary because her growth plate was "involved" more or less,
which caused the doctors to think it could have been much more serious than it was.

i praise the Lord for good news.
for walking thru this with us. leading the way.
for dedicated doctors and nurses.
and now i know. for sure. that nothing "really" is wrong.
amen. :)


Anonymous said...

Amen and horray!!!
ANdrea : )

Shelby said...

I have a tears in my eyes of pure JOY, yay I am SOOOOOOO happy for you guys:) Thanking him for his faithfulness in our time of need and answering our prayers. I was praying for you guys at 2:30 that everything would go just fine and you would have results right away so you could enjoy your weekend. HE ANSWERED. God is GOOD!!! Amen.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love good reports!! Praying for complete healing. Way to go Kaycee!

mom mom Susan said...

Praise God for His hands of mercy for you and Kaycee today! Continue prayer for healing and no more pain.

Sarah said...

Mis, I haven't been on the computer for quite some time so I'm just catching up on your blog! So sorry I didn't know about Kaycee. Praising God you got your answer. SO scary when waiting for answers. I can see why you liked the ring idea so much now:) Not all mamas are as lucky with the news they get..

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that it's nothing major, rejoicing with you.
Love your music, Martha

Ang Stoltzfus said...

yayyyy! thanks for posting. i am so glad that you know what the issue is/was & that she is healing!
kaycee you ROCK! i knew you could do it!! amazing!!
& missy-i can just picture you sitting there beside calm & peacefull praying & praying! i'm sure your strength & support were a huge comfort to her. way to pull your girl through!
& really...i know dupont isn't a "fun" place...but is it NOT awesome? i am convinced that you have to be a fabulous person to be hired there... right? do you agree:)
ok, now- i think that we had said we were going to have a "party" to celebrate all of this wonderful news did we not?

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! So glad to hear that it was nothing too "serious"!!! Praise the Lord!
Sharlene Huizinga

Susan Eby said...

Was praying for you both and now rejoicing with you on the good news!
God is so good!!
Blessings, Sue