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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

projects and stuff.

so...since the kitchen is getting finished up...
i am making some time to fit in some "quick" projects.  :)

yesterday i worked on spray painting picture frames.
in the rain i know. not real smart.

(my spray painting, kinda...)

and today. i finished, and re-hung the pictures in my stairway going upstairs
to the second floor.

 i love it.

so now...kaden's navy, kaycee is red, campbell is turqoise, calli is pink and karolina is yellow.
nice, right?  :)

i always had the newborn pictures hanging here with the brown canvas...
(although they were black frames)
and thought my newer white canvas was too special to only hide in karolina's room,
so...this is what i came up with...

this also frees some space in my living room
(on a wall where their "recent" pics were hanging)
to hang a peg rack,
that got moved out of the "new kitchen"...


i also saw on pinterest somewhere to spray paint a cookie sheet
and make it a magnetic board.
so. that's what i did.

i love this too. :)
a great addition to our office desk, to look at cute pictures people send us. :)


donuts anyone?

karolina grace is almost 10 months old.
she had a  hotdog and strawberries for lunch today.
and has her first 2 teeth.
she thinks she's big stuff.

our new floor is too slippy for her to stay up on her knees to crawl...
(well...and now she is just plain faster her own way)
so she just flies across the floor on her belly,
doing this army crawl shuffle thing.
it's very funny to watch, especially when she is cracking up and excited.

she is the first one of my girls to not tolerate a headband anymore.
and unfortunately is the one who needs it most.  :) find a place to set this turtle free.
figure out what to make for dinner.
and try to love the president despite him backing gay marriage.

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