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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

out of my comfort zone.

that is what i am right now.
out of my comfort zone.

i just got done telling someone today, that i am not a leader.
or if i do exhibit some leadership qualities
 (like being a good note taker, and being organized) ha.ha.ha.
that i prefer to be behind the scenes.
i take orders well...
most of the time. :)

i have shared on my blog before about my feelings of disappointment
over the way
our school board voted the other week...
to go all day/everyday, starting this fall,
which is when my third child will go to kindergarten.

people also tell you you become more like your spouse, with time, right? :)

i e-mailed both the primary learning center principal
and the superintendent of our school.
i never heard back from the principal, who i do like and respect,
but did hear back from the superintendent within an hour of my e-mail...
he whom i also like and respect.

may i also add that this subject matter gets heated a lot of the time you talk about it.
people get defensive.
it kind of turns into a working mom versus stay at home mom judgement call.
that is unfortunately just what happens...

to make a long story short,
our superintendent has given me exactly one week to gather
19 additional moms, who are in support of a half day kindergarten program,
and who are willing to provide transportation home for their child AND
show up at the school board meeting next monday night, the 21st,
and the board will listen to us.
consider it.
there are no promises. no guarantees.

i was floored.
this is after he has closed the door to some other e-mails he's gotton on the same subject.
i was happy.
then...i was overwhelmed. totally and completely.

so...i am taking a step of faith.
and pleading with all of you.
if you know anyone who would rather their child go to OPLC for
just half a day, to please get in contact with me. :)

i stood up in front of a small group of parents tonight.
i am talking small. 10.
and asked if anyone was interested in half day,
and got 2 responses.
that's good odds, right? :)
and then a small disagreement ensued right before my eyes...
told gets heated, every time. just 17 more to go.
i am sure the Lord is chuckling right now.
it's not even about whether i "win" or lose...
it's all about taking a step of faith and following my heart.

the things we do for our children...
(or so i say...i am sure campbell would LOVE to go full day). :)

all this to say...
i am getting the word out.
i am on a timeline.
i may have to speak at the school board meeting next week.
please pray for me.
i would love to floor the whole place and walk in there with way more than 20 people.
but that is the selfish part of me.
i know there are more than 20 people who would chose this option,
however, it's finding them now...
it's a little late. a lot have chosen to go private or homeschool...

oh. and i finished the kisses from katie book i mentioned last week.
by katie davis.
it totally rocks. it's inspiring. and just plain awesome.
you should read it.
all of you. :)
or at least check out her blog:

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