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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

full circle.

my man.
he has come full circle.
he was driving home from the office yesterday.
and this turtle was crossing the road in front of his car.
he did not try to hit the turtle. :)

my man stopped his car.
got out. picked UP the turtle. put it INTO his car.
and brought it home for us.

what? you say. i know. i know.
full circle...right?

we are keeping the turtle in our mud room.
so if you stop by, and see his home in the corner.
say hi.   

(don't be alarmed. the wet is water from his water dish. i spilled it. ooops.)
does anyone know what turtles eat?

the poor guy must be terrified.
we barely see him out of his shell.

but today, i did see his legs out...that is progress. i think?


jodi said...

This post made me smile. Check out this link Looks like feeding a turtle may be more work than kids:) Have fun!

heidiann(e) said...

Hey Missy,
I think that is a painted turtle (not box turtle). Here's a link to food ideas:

Fun new friend!