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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

is it summer yet?

what have i learned with a 5th child?

i am ~always~ trying to fit "just one more thing" into my day...
poor karolina.
it was 8 p.m. and i was trying to get the kitchen cleaned up from a late dinner.
she just couldn't hold out any longer. :(

and this is her just yesterday...
i was trying to get the dishwasher loaded before her nap.
her face wasn't even wiped yet. :(

she loves her bed.
i am not kidding.
she napped longer today. than she was awake.
that is not the case ~every~ day, but pretty often.
lucky. for. me. and i still have to push the limits. all she wanted was a nap. :)

it does feel like summer.
we have spent many afternoons by the pond.
poison ivy has hit. hard. poor kaden. :(
mint tea is in the fridge for all my guests who pop by.
have had a lot of them lately. love that.
please. come over.
we'll sit and overlook my torn apart house, and have some icy cold tea. :)
made many new recipes with fresh sugar snap peas and asparagus and broccoli.
hoping to get some strawberries ~cheap~ at the auction tomorrow to make some ~jelly~.
garden is weeded. yay. sure that will be a different story til next week. :)

school is not over until next friday.
this friday we don't have school, and next week is peppered with half days.
swim parties at the ymca. graduations. end of year parties.
big screen movie days. field days. beach reading days.

boy. i don't think my last weeks of school were ever that fun.
do ya think???

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