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Monday, May 21, 2012

it didn't go my way.

so. really no surprise there.
but we did get another vote out of the school board.
(full day as slated vs. changing full day to furthor the process of one 1/2 day class)
full day kindergarten as slated.

 i am trying to think about what i learned.

it definately re-itterated my distaste for politics.
and definately that it's just better for me to be quiet and keep my mouth shut.
i can't say i have done anything quite like this before...
nor do i need to again.

i feel like it has caused some tension between the teachers and the principal
and myself, which i hate.

i guess it's most disappointing,
because i feel like we might have gotton our way,
had we been aware a month ago...
it was really just too late.

i still cannot believe after listening to the budget crisis Octorara is currently in...
that full day passed at all.
it just doesn't make any sense...
and mrs. mcnamara says, " well it's just another $30,000...what's it matter?"
well...i think it's that kind of attitude that has gotton our district in this mess,
is it not?

just frustrating. that's all.
matt is concerned i am not going to get anything done today,
as my phone has been buzzing all morning,
and my inbox is full...
so...i guess i will go, and get something done. :)
thanks for all of your prayers. and support.
i really sounded like i was going to cry the WHOLE way thru my speech.
for real.
thank Jesus, that that didn't start. :)

this is how i opened "the floor"...

My name is Melissa King, Atglen. I came tonight to ask you to consider implementing a half day kindergarten class for this coming school year. I understand that you have already voted for a full day/everyday program to begin in the fall. I apologize and regret not becoming involved earlier and/or voicing my opinion at that time. Quite honestly, I simply assumed with all the program cuts/budget concerns that have been facing our district, in the past few years, that there would be no way a full day program would be passed. I assumed wrong.

I have 5 children. The oldest is in 2nd grade. I also have a 1st grader, an incoming kindergartner, a 3 year old and my youngest is 10 months old. My husband and I have both graduated from Octorara I have lived in the district most of my entire life. We have a strong bond here. We feel called to send our children here. We believe in the district and have had a great experience with both of our children at the Primary Learning Center thus far. I took pride in our half day kindergarten program and am very thankful that that was in place for 2 of my children.

Mr. McCartney was quoted in the 4/16/12 minutes as saying that “full day kindergarten is priceless, and the best foundation we can get.” And while that is his opinion, and may be true for some students and families in the district, maybe even the majority of families in the district, it is not truth for me or my family. I am blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my children. The time I have with them is priceless. My husband and I believe the best foundation for our children starts in our home…the more time there, the more time we have to influence them and their future choices and decisions. The time I have with them is fleeing far too quickly. Childhood is priceless. The time they have to be a child, to run, to play, to learn with no constraints, time that flies by is what I see as priceless. Time that they don’t get back, nor do I. I feel like we are expecting far too much from our children far too early. Harder, Faster, Earlier. That is the name of the game. I have to ask myself when will it stop? Will there be an end to all this pushing? Is it necessary to put my 5 year old on a bus at 8 a.m. and not see her again until 4p.m.? I do not feel that it is. I am more than willing to provide transportation home from her half day experience.

It was recommended to me, that for this even to be considered, I would need to have 23 supportive parents here, willing to do the same. I do not know how many are here, but have had conversations with several. I did the best that I could, in the time that I had. I know there are also supporters here interested in seeing this half day program be implemented for future years as well. Regardless of how many are here, I felt I needed to explain myself after reading thru last week’s meeting minutes. I had expressed my disappointment with your vote via e-mail to Mrs. McNamara, and Dr. Newcome. I did not discuss my feelings at registration. I hope you understand that I am not trying to “undue” anything that you have decided thus far, but rather implement a change to benefit a small portion of incoming kindergartners.

I know this is a sensitive issue. It feels like this turns into a full time working mom vs. stay at home mom debate every time it’s brought up or talked about. That is not my intention. I simply believe a half day kindergarten class would be the best fit for my daughter, and I happen to believe there are others out there who think the same. These children have the next 12 years to go to school for 7 hours a day. I ask you, does it really need to start in kindergarten, especially considering the fact that the state of PA has yet to require kindergarten attendance AT ALL? And just because it would be more convenient to send my child to kindergarten all day, does that make it the right decision, or even the best decision, for my family? I don’t believe full day kindergarten is the best decision for my family. That’s all plain and simple.

Thank you for listening, for giving me the opportunity to share my viewpoint, and most of all for serving our community and district with your service on our school board. I really do appreciate each of you.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Mis! I appreciate your willingness and courage to take this on. You did good! Even though I imagine it doesn't feel "good enough" given that full day kindergarten still passed. Still, I hope you can feel some peace knowing that you did what you could, and maybe it can change next year?! :)


Shelby said...

Beautifully written Mis, I think you spoke quit nicly and non- offesive. I really think like you said if you had more time then you probably would have won. Sorry:(

Angie Myer said...

nicely done Mis! sorry to hear about the outcome :(

Anonymous said...

Although we don't know why things work out the way they do we can trust that God is in control. Campbell will be His light in her classroom. Please don't be discouraged and don't lose your voice. We need christian women and men to stand up and speak up.
Love you,

Adrienne said...

So sorry Missy! That really stinks! I totally agree with you and unfortunately, we are the minority. Blessings as you decide what your next step will be for next year.