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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

and my firstborn is 10.


So i cried over my "baby" turning 2 yesterday,
so now it's only fair that i cry about my firstborn turning 10 today.

craziness. that's all.

kaden rockwell has been such a delight.
i am not ready for this next stage of parenting.

talking. talking. talking.
which is probably the wrong way to parent,
i hear they pick up on things watching you, way more than anything else.
but i guess it makes me feel better to speak things to him.

maybe he will hear me?
i did hear something on the radio that made me chuckle.
it was on the christian station around here.
that yes, keep talking. even if you don't see your children putting into practice anything that you speak.
they might, by the time they are 21 years old. :)))

so. i am a bit terrified of this next stage of parenting.
so far, kaden has been a pretty easy kid.
by that i mean that when he has made a bad choice, the consequences have been minimal.
i am not ready for huge. real life consequences for bad choices.
this parenting thing. ugh. gives me a bit of a belly ache.

i know. i know.
trust in the Lord...
i do...but it's still not easy.

kaden is way easy going like his dad.
he loves sports. any kind. which has been fun.
he makes friends with just about anyone around, like his dad.
he is starting to chatter a little more, and not be so shy. :)
school is fine. not his "bag" but he is determined, and such a hard worker, which works to his advantage.
he is my cuddle-bug.
way more cuddly than any of the girls. still. :)
he would rather not do his chores right now.
and prefers to walk past something on the floor, rather than pick it up...
which drives his daddy CRAZY. :)
money motivates him right now.
he seems to like country music better than memorizing scripture. :)
he has been taking piano for a year. and i was hoping for one more.
but it's been pretty much a constant i am not sure what i am going to do about that.
[see. i am tired of fighting already? and he's my first kid. :))]
he loves mowing the yard. but then again. i think he can listen to country music in the earphones.
so that's probably why. :)

kaden rockwell. would have loved to have a little brother.
and i think he would have been a fabulous big brother.
he has adjusted well to his little sisters, and tries to toughen them up a bit too. :)
i like the kid he is, and the little man he is becoming!
i hope i can watch him continue to grow up right before my eyes.
with minimal hurt to my heart. :)

I am pretty much a sleep over cranky.
i don't host them. MUCH.
only with cousins, usually. :)
but we ARE hosting a campout at the pond, with 4 of Kaden's buddies.
i am pretty excited. and he is well. beyond excited. :)
MATT is sleeing with them, in tents, at the pond.
yeee. haaaa. doesn't that sound awesome. :)

We love you Kaden Rockwell.
Happy 10th Birthday!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Karolina and Kaden! I can hardly believe their ages too. I still remember the day Grandma King and I held Kaden for the first time. Karolina is a beautiful little girl. You and Matt can handle parenting with God's guidance. The strong Christ foundation they are forming now will never leave them. Isn't that reassuring?!