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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

my "baby" girl is 2 years old.

karolina grace turned 2 years old.
how can this be?

i know. i know.
i sound like a broken record, ~everytime~ we celebrate a birthday.
blah. blah. blah.


you can check out the day she was born here.
i cried when i looked at the post.
i cannot believe i am here. already.

crying that she is 2. and perhaps crying that she is my last.
i will never snuggle a fresh, newborn baby of my own.
that is sad for me.

before you go telling me i need to get some meds.
i am fine.
 i think.
i am turning a new page of my life.
and still have some friends having babies. that i can steal away.
and snuggle.
thank goodness. :)

so.... karolina grace.

she is love.
i tell the kids all the time,
"what would we do without karolina grace?"
i think partly because it took me so long to decide if we should in fact have "another" baby.
and partly because the time is fleeting so fast.

she is number 5.
she is learning her place.
she is becoming spunky. and throws tantrums.
she wants to do everything he brother and sisters do.
she still loves her nuk and blankee.
she is sleeping in a big girl bed, sharing a room with her sister, kaycee.
and now sleeps past 6:30 a.m. (since the switch, it had been a little dicey). :)
she is talking a little more clearly.
she runs.
she plays kickball.
she loves to use markers.
markers on the walls. on paper. on the walls. :) and on herself.
i have started hiding the markers.
she loves to color.
and climb.
she is kind of a clown.
she likes when we think she is funny. and laugh at her.
she does summersaults.
and likes to talk on the phone.
she is not a good sharer. especially with her cousin piper. :)
she loves to sing.
and loves the idea of the potty.
although rarely uses it. :)

i am blessed beyond measure.
i don't know why i was chosen to be karolina's mom.
but i am sure glad i get to be.
remind me of that in another 10 years.
please. :)))



Shelby said...

I can not believe she is 2 either:( She is such a cutie.

heidiann(e) said...

What a blessing your little ones are! These photos made me choke up a little with the reminder that these precious days go by so quickly.

Your kiddos are so blessed to have you as their loving Mama!