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Saturday, July 20, 2013

no barley. no beer.

so...we took on a new venture this spring.
hahaha. i say "we"...i really mean matt. :)

he tried a crop of beer barley.
for the first time.
a "trial" per say, for this part of the country.
most beer barley is grown in the mid west, or canada or austrailia...

it actually went really well.
it was loaded up and dropped off at glen mills, in west chester, this morning.

here's a few pictures to document a teeny bit of what went on this morning.

when we combined the barley, we put it in these huge totes.
each tote was averaging 1400 lbs of barley today.

this is mark...the beer barley man...with matt.
they took 8 totes to the mill this morning, and it turns out some of the totes were too heavy
for the skid loader to move...
apparently it was quite a production.
like the skid loader was coming up off the ground, production. :) they unloaded a tote, into some others, to make them more "moveable" if you will.
they delivered 8 totes this morning. and 9 more this afternoon.
2 totes make 30 barrels of beer...
and a barrel of beer makes 16 cases of beer.

got that figured out?

kaden, and karolina and i were trying to be helpful.

maybe not helpful enough.
as mark and i were talking, we heard a horrible sound...
notice splintered  barn opening below.
oops. forks were too high upon exit. :(

i do talk about God's miracles everyday, in the farming business.
do i not?


another "load" off to the mill.
it's been a fun learning experience so far.

we'll see if it was worth "our" time and effort. :))

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