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Thursday, July 18, 2013


i am feeling it.

life is intense. right now. here. for me.

summer is flying by.
it's been fabulous.
but. it's july already.
i can feel it slipping thru my fingers at record pace.

kaden. he made the all-star baseball team.
praise. honor. i think.
and. oh. i forgot. disappointment.
he is playing outfield.
he has never played outfield in his life.
is that character building? or defining? or just a blow?
he is used to the action.
short stop. or first. or he loves to play catcher. and is really good at it.
and never given the opportunity on this team.

i just keep praying over him.
"you can do all things thru Christ who gives you strength"...
you just be the best little outfielder out there.
i screamed that out the window a week in a half ago,
when i dropped him off at practice. :)

do it with a happy heart.
this is an honor you were chosen.
an honor.
but still with disappointment and tears.
the pressure.
man. he's only 9...
and bored in the outfield. :)

with that comes a crazy. hectic. intense schedule.
they first practiced twice a day.
then. they practiced every day.
now they are playing every night.
in new holland.
can i catch my breath?
praise the Lord i don't have 3 little boys playing baseball. :)

chickens come today.
we had 6 days off.
and throw in a day and a half we went to the beach.
and. yes.
exhausted. and intense.
throw in some hay baling, some real estate deals. and it is rare that i am seeing my husband.

oh. and i may have a stress fracture in my shin.
i declined the x-ray to confirm,
simply because treatment is the same regardless.
rest. and ice. :)
did i tell you i was running 5 miles/day 4-5 days a week?
i started with 3 miles on the first day.
i knew better. but wanted to prove that i could do it.
so...the second week, i started 5 miles.
some weight came flying off. yee.haa.
but now. i am paying the price for my impatience.

i did get some awesome anti-inflammatories that are really helping.
i also have a severe case of tendonitis...
i have never had such pain in my leg before.
i could hardly walk on monday.
it was intense. and i don't think i am a cry baby.

and. i have 2 babies that are having birthdays next week.
which means i am trying to organize 2 parties in the back of my head.
and NO ONE has been invited yet.
say what??

oh. and our yard sale went so great last week.
that we are having it again on friday.
7 a.m. in willow street again.
last friday turned into an unforcasted rainy mess.
so. we are trying to make up for that. and we have too much stuff.
that's the bottom line.

so. come out and say hi. if you feel like it.
and have any daughters. up to size 8...
most of our boys stuff sold, but we do have a teeny bit left.
if nothing else you could buy a coke from the kids.
how's that?


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