Grow Chickens Grow.

We were pleased to discover this weekend that we, well...mostly Matt, I mean...was the top chicken grower in our category. (Category means this large an operation...we have 3 houses...and the top grower had one house...which means we were 2nd in overall, but first in the large division). Great job Matt. You have taken this operation and climbed from...well...not the top :) to the top. I am so proud of you! We are astounded at God's provision for our family, and humbled by his abundant blessings...


congrats that is so awesome! looking forward to seeing you guys friday for some good cousin time!
Ang Stoltzfus said…
YAYYY! Congrats guys! Matt, I'm sure your chicken houses are as meticulous as your garage is...I'll never forget the day we drove into your driveway (Christiana) & you were cleaning in out....& everything was completely spotless....(I was hoping that Scott was taking note!) =)
And, Missy, you are such a great "farmers wife" supportive, so flexible, so helpful! Yay for organic chickens!
thats sooooo cool guys! congrats matt....well done!

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