so sad.

learned yesterday that my dear cousin, Shelly, gave birth to a precious baby girl on friday night. we do not know her name, or much information at all, but know that there are a lot of issues, and that the baby may be a trisomy 18 baby, and may not live a long life here on this earth. my heart is so heavy, and i have shed a lot of tears. i don't understand God a lot of times...

i am so incredibly thankful, grateful and blessed with four very vibrant, healthy babes, and certainly question why? this was their first pregnancy, their first baby, and to be confronted with such devestating news...i cannot imagine.

please join me in praying for them. my cousin is shelly, and her husband is matthew. she is my age and they live in boulder, colorado... i don't see them often... i am praying for abounding peace and comfort that surpasses all we could ever ask or imagine to fall down over them...thanks.


hey miss
your mom called the other night and told us about shelly. praying for divine intervention and much grace. miss you all
Kara Stoltzfus said…
i check your blog from time to time and this struck a cord in my heart so deeply, seeing we lost our first born son. I will pray for this family and all that lies ahead in their journey of grief and healing. let me know if i can be of any help. I am deeply sorry for this loss,there are no words.
Kara Stoltzfus

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