I have always been in awe at how Kaden idolizes his daddy. That is pretty much all there is to say. It was again confirmed today, as I was emptying out his folder from kindergarten. They do a "daily news" segment each day, and each day a new student in his class gets to talk about something...the teacher will write it down, with the date, and then it is sent home for us to practice reading with. Kaden got to do it last Thursday. Up until this point, the children were mostly talking about how they had fun at the beach, or swimming in the bay, etc. I pull out the paper from his bag, and it reads:

Today is Thursday, September 3, 2009.
Kaden said, "My dad feeds our cows from feed in the silo."
Oh how I chuckled. I don't know if Matt ever wanted to be a farmer, like his daddy, when he grew up or not, but it sure is fun for now... And I can't help but wonder what he thinks of me, mommy? How will I ever know? A pang of jealousy hit me, but I had to get a grip. I suddenly thought about how rediculous I was being. To think about all the little boys and girls out there who don't have a daddy living at home, and how drastically that must affect them...in ways they won't even know. I am so thankful that Kaden has a daddy here, involved in his life. I love the way Kaden loves, loves, loves his daddy, and pray that he will continue to do so, and that their relationship will always be special...


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