So, this morning was a special day...Matt was leaving for the office a little early, and stopped in the driveway, and walked the rest of the way with Kaden and I to school. The other special part of the morning, (or annoying, in my thinking, :) ) was that Kaden's favorite kitty, Blackey, walked the WHOLE WAY TO SCHOOL WITH US! She was following us right up the sidewalk...She likes to follow us everywhere, and it was not uncommon for her to follow us to the end of the lane, to pick Kaden up from the school bus, or follow us to Kaden's soccer games, etc. but she had never followed us right "up" to school...

Anyway, Matt and I were saying good-bye to Kaden, sent him off into school, and turned around, and right before our eyes, some nice lady, scooped up Blackey, and said, "Where did you come from?" and got in her car WITH OUR CAT! Can you believe it? This lady picked our cat up, right off the sidewalk, in front of our eyes, and drove away...with Kaden's favorite cat...Matt and I were kind of in disbelief, and as she got in our car, he said, "Do you think Kaden is going to be upset Blackey got taken?" I thought "maybe he'll forget..." Boy...was that wishful thinking.

The first thing he asked about was Blackey when he got off the bus...So, I told him the news, and he's been crying ever since. He just asked me if we "could put signs up around the community"...I told him we can talk to daddy about that. :) Feel free to write any advice to me here. :) I debated about not letting him know...but didn't think I could not tell anyone the story, because I think it is kind of a riot...She didn't look around, and inquire, or anything, just swiped the cat...

This is one of the few pictures we have of Blackey. Kaden misses her so much all ready. He is still crying. Bummer.


Crazy...we both had cat "incidents" on the same day! The crazier part is that the roadkill was not WhiteSocks after all she finally reappeared after dinner last night! Weird huh! And to think I was crying over someone else's dead cat! :)
Hope your cat comes home too!
Love ya,
ok, that is horrible! i would put signs up, even if its just to show kaden that ya tried. maybe not relivant, but that happened with our soccer ball when we lived in gap:) no seriously. we were playing soccer in our front yard and one of the boys kicked it across the road so we went to go retrieve but a car stopped and snagged it up. what? must be the area.
Ang Stoltzfus said…
POOR Kaden! i can't believe that your husband didn't speak up! =) Maybe you should post signs/pictures at the school since that's where the cat-napping occured. Poor boy...i can't get over how bad i feel for him. =((
Nicole said…
i think you should post pix/signs right at the school and see if you catch this lady again. Maybe she was confused???? Pobrecito Kaden!
CountryMidwife said…
I have a kitty if you want a new one! So sorry for K.

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