Here we come CRAYOLA!

We had a little cousin sleep-over the night of Calli's birthday party...It included Moses (6), Noah (8), and Zion (6). I think they had a great time, and really they were ROCKED because they had played here HARD all day long...They were all sleeping by 10:15 pm...a few reported "awakenings" during the night, and wee morning hours, but nothing serious. :) It was a wee bit chaos trying to get everyone down, but how precious...I try to forget about that, and think about memories they are making with their cousins. :) I guess I was too "busy" to stop and take pictures. :(

However, these 4 kiddos and pap-paw and mam-maw Buck took off for a visit to Crayola factory at 7:30 a.m. Sat. morning...They had a blast.

Kaden's highlights were: all of it!
when probed a little harder he said,
"watching the show."
Thanks mam-maw and pap-paw for a great day.
Kaden was asleep by 7:15 pm that night. :)


they did have so much fun, huh? thanks again miss and matt for lettiing my kids chill and invade the party. PLUS, enter into sleepover chaos.
love you all
am i now noahs porch?
im so confused!
Missy. said… ain't kidding? who is Noah's porch anyway? :) i am intrigued with whatever is going on. :) Mis.

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