got to spend some "quality" time alone with campbell tonight, and this is what i got.
it's always fun to see what "comes out" during these times of interaction...

campbell is 2 1/2 and might crave attention? obviously she is a bit camera shy. :) she is my third child. she is full of spunk, independence, and creativity. she loves to color on herself, (like i said, creative) although we are breaking her of that habit. she talks all the time, and one of her most favorite things to do right now is "call mam-maw"- my mom. it doesn't matter if she's at work or not, we will call. she really is a crack up, but i will say is a challenge for me a lot of the time...

p.s. just want to CLARIFY that this picture is by NO means announcing that we are expecting another child. i know a lot of you "read" into things, but really we are just playing "mommies" and that is all. I am NOT PREGNANT! :)

you can start praying for us now, because she is in my cousin's wedding next weekend. i am just not sure what to expect from her. she can be a bit sassy and moody, so we'll see. no worries claudia. we will do our best to get the job done. :)

again...i am so blessed to get the pleasure of being a mommy. went to park city today to get calli's one year pictures done, and not one, but two persons asked me, "do all these children belong to you? how do you stay sane?" i chuckle because a dad of "one" asked me that second part...

was very proud of my children today. bribing came in handy this day...first a treat of a. anne's soft pretzels and secondly a trip to the toy store to "look" at toys for christmas was the reward. i am sure we did look funny. 2 children in my triple stroller, and 2 sitting on the floor, (of picture people) napkin in lap, quietly eating yummy pretzels. fabulous. and i even liked the pictures. ;)


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