millie. part II.

For those of you who cared about our small trials, although to a six year old, they seemed quite insurmountable...

i was getting ready to take kaden to school this morning, and was headed out afterwards to post got it...actual florescent LOST DOG flyers, and matt called. he found millie in the manure spreader. now i hate to be pessimistic, but i can't imagine she was there the whole time? we scoured our farm several times yesterday, and even scoured the neighborhood several times...and she never barked or anything? hmmm. i would think she needs to be tied all day today...just because. :) needless to say, our prayers had been that Jesus would keep millie safe wherever she was, and that she would return home...the kids are overjoyed, and just another small token of thanks to Jesus! now...i need to get my oil changed and call all the spca's to let them know she's found...i needed another task for the day. ha. mis.


Jane said…
Hooray!! That would have been just too sad. glad she was found safe and healthy, now we get to watch more videos of her some day ;)

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