country girls go CITY...part 1

you will need to pause "my music" to appreciate this lion clip video...that i got to person!

it's not very often that i make it to "the big APPLE" this trip was GRAND. Call it a mommy's day out, a break from all we know as normal, or was so much fun. thanks megan for getting it together, driving, and making us those yummy egg sandwiches and cinnamon rolls, not to mention providing snacks and drinks for the ride (you can tell she was a bit more seasoned than i). my HIGHLIGHT was seeing the Lion king on Broadway. i am not much of a "musical" person...i find them hard to follow, but this was so easy to "get", and AMAZING. i wish i could have met the costume designer...the costumes were OUT OF THIS WORLD and totally creative. my favorite were the giraffe's...check them out! here's a glimpse of our trip...enjoy...

and thanks matt and moppy for taking care of my usual duties, so i could take the day off. it was much needed. . .


Hey I heard about your day out...that is so awesome. You deserve a day out on the town. love ya.

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