snow fun. you let your kids eat snow?
Absolutely! you know...when you live on a farm, you just have to let some things go... car seats, for instance, or maybe safety in general, dirt, germs...hence the reason why my kids have been sick ALL winter long....we try washing our hands a lot, it's just NEVER enough. :)

Just in case you need something fun and constructive to do TODAY... (remember to "pause" my music to listen to this kind lady tell us how to have some real kid fun.) smiles.


heidi said…
made it - kids loved it! :) want to try mint extract next time with mini choc chips. YUM! Thanks for the recipe!
Anonymous said…
It's even fun for big kids! We made this when our sons were small and nearby but haven't made it recently. with your reminder, we enjoyed it for dessert for lunch today. Thanks for reviving fun memories of long ago days!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above is Rick and Ruthie!

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