i don't think farmers make enough money...

really...i don't.
the snow drifts are as high as the big doors in FRONT of our chicken houses...that's maybe a few feet from the roof. are you kidding me? poor matt. we are supposed to get 50,000 peeps TOMORROW. which means Highland Rd. has to be opened, our driveway needs to be opened and this 25 feet of snow we have here now in Chester county has to stop blowing around...ughh.

so cheers to poppy and uncle mark...aren't you glad it's not your problem anymore. :) hope you guys are staying warm, selling lots of agri-king, to make all these farmers some more money...and yes, matt is thankful for that 4 wheel drive tractor...

hope to get the kids in bed by 9pm and head out to the chicken houses by 10 pm, to have some quality bonding time with my honey, getting these houses ready for the peeps. doesn't that sound romantic? :)


Kendra said…
hope all worked out Missy! Was thinking of you today b/c I remembered you said peeps were coming tues/thurs this week! and I agree, farmers don't make enough money! :)

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