the past few days.

so. i hate the snow. i mean, i guess it's pretty and stuff, but deep down inside, i really just don't like it. that's all. so...this picture...really is a big deal. i went out and helped build forts in the snow, and even went sledding. ye ha. a self shot, not real impressive, but I had to include it to prove that i was out there. poor matt's been digging this place out and the neighborhood, and had the opportunity to help plow walmart for a mere 10 hours on sat. morning...starting at 2:30 he was in resting...not to mention we get some 25,000 cute little peepies on Tues. morning, and then 50,000 on Thur. morning...any one want to come help set up tomorrow? :)

so campbell and calli were napping when i partook in the snow fun...but i am trying to foster independence in my 16 month old. for those of you who forget what this stage looked like, and maybe felt like, here's something to spark your memory. i guess the fork and spoon just took too long. try again next time. :) (it was spagetti and then some strawberry yogurt).

and we did love that snow ice cream...


High five for venturing out in the snow! I love the picture of Cali. We are just starting to get into that phase and it is all coming back to me! Sometimes Hope will get a bath after lunch and dinner. Love ya and have a great day!

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