another great book. another new favorite book is:
the mission of motherhood
touching your child's heart for eternity
by: sally clarkson

it's so fabulous. check out this little glimmer...

most of us live under the heavy cloud of "house beautiful." we see it in those magazines at the grocery-store checkout, in the elaborately decorated homes and apartments on television-perfect furniture and decor, sparkling-clean floors and countertops and baseboards, fresh flowers in crystal vases, candles whose wicks are long and actually light each time, with perhaps a few toys placed "just so" to let us know that adorable-probably nonexistant-children add to the ambience of a certain house. but having four children in a home (or even one) automatically means frequent messes, poorly complete chores, a few dozen socks lying on the floor at any given time, crumbs hiding in different corners throughout the house, and at least some dirty dishes, no matter how recently the kitchen has been cleaned.
because the responsilbities of maintaining a home, especially a home with children, are so varied and unrelenting, the pressure to get it all together and keep it together is constant. doing laundry, cleaning messes, cooking, washing dishes, shopping, organizing, keeping clutter under control-the tasks can be daunting. that's why effective home management is an important part of making a home into a nurturing envirnment...
going on to say, " my purpose in organizing my household is not to live up to some external value system (oh yeah)? but to make life easier and more peaceful for the whole family." hmmm. that's something to think about, right?

now...if that isn't a pep talk to get it together, i don't know what life. i actually SERIOUSLY thought about putting a hamper in my basement this week. FOR SOCKS. i am so TIRED of picking up my kids dirty socks, they leave them EVERYWHERE, but especially the basement...anyway...this resounded in my soul. this book has been GREAT for me to read. so fun. highly recommend it...maybe one from the library, because mine is SOOOO highlighted. :) cheers to your week. mk. (and i decided against the hamper for this week anyway...just need to suck it up and do a little more "instructing").


emmyswts said…
Hey Missy,
I am going to look into that book. It sounds like my life too :) Gemma rolled over tonight and that is worth doing laundry all day Saturday!

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