we love all the cousins.

yesterday we had a fun day...meg and her kids came down to play for a bit...meg is always a little bit worried about the "safety" of her kids here on the farm...and who wouldn't be? (i must say that that has always been one of my hugest fears living here, that we will experience some horrific accident somewhere on these grounds...but i have to put it to rest, and leave it in God's hands...) regardless...i went down to "check" on the boys and they were climbing up and down the elevator, after they were chasing the goats around, shooting them with water guns. :) boys will be boys right...

the other picture is of some of our new "kids". last week we had 4 baby goats...a set of twins, and two others, and at a week old, they are already jumping and bounding around...it's so cute, and such a HUGE reminder that SPRING is like 11 days away. Yea!!


Ang Stoltzfus said…
waiting to hear the names??? addy perhaps? or maybe one of these will be ang???

just kidding!
Missy. said…
oh ang...i can feel the love. we actually gave up. we have too many, and i can't remember them all. how pathetic is that? :) mis.

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