gaither vocal band. and i may have aged ourselves a good...oh...say...20 years or so last night. we had the opportunity to go to the gaither vocal band reunited tour concert at the Soverign Center in Reading. we rode a chartered bus, that left from our church at 5 pm...and boy...those old people stay out late...we didn't get home until 12:30 a.m. whew. (the memories of being up nursing babies came flooding back this i peeled my eyes open). :) I must say I kind of had a bad attitude about going, but we had such a blast. i love. love. love David Phelps voice, amoung others, but he was my favorite...besides his great. great hair...he's the guy with ringlets...check it out...and hey...if you want in on it, they are at Penn State next weekend... :)

(of course you'll have to pause my music to enjoy their's.) :)


stoltzfus3 said…
I heard that you saw my mom and dad:)

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