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Friday, March 19, 2010


***we have a new friend in town...he's been wandering the neighborhood about a week now...and hung out a lot here yesterday...we named him "teddy" (although we keep calling him sheba by mistake). we would LOVE to keep him...he is the nicest dog kids aren't even afraid of him, which tells anyone who knows my girls A LOT...and me too...he's so so friendly, and never barks. :) but...we cannot keep him, due largely to the fact that he's been loving the school...roaming the hallways and all...friends, teachers, administrators have been calling us all week long, so last night we finally decided we need to take him to the spca...and he disappeared overnight...and since, we have found a home for him with friends. yippee. now...if we could only find him this morning. ***

***now really...who wouldn't bark at a five year old dressed up like a flower anyway?***
***p.s. after a phone call this morning, i was notified that a nice dog-loving friend took him home last hopefully the other friends who are going to "adopt" this cute little guy have gotton in touch with the other friend and now have him already. hopefully he stays put on their farm. ***got it? :)

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Anonymous said...

whoa! that DOES love like shebe! it makes me want to sing...." up from the grave she arose.....but i guess thats kind of morbid:) you do a great job with your the tidbits from your new book too. guess ill add it to my collection. oh yeah, it wasn't 77, yesterday but 80:) ha! just had to throw it you girl!