the coolest things ever.

do you see this?'s a deer in my yard. 

yesterday i took some food scraps outside, to dump over the fence ,and casually said to the kids, "hey...there's a big bunny lunging in the sun over there by the grain bin." and continued walking into the house...

kaden came running over, and said, "how'd ya like the deer?" "what?" I said..."you heard me...didn't you see the deer over there?"...and sure enough...i had missed him. granted i was making jelly and busy, but HOW could i REALLY miss this deer in the drive?

now...he was pretty tame...and kaden insisted that he had an ear-tag in...but i surely couldn't see one...

later on in the evening, we heard he had escaped from the fenced in pasture along rt. 41...but he was long gone til then.

i stopped by this morning to get some home-grown lettuce off the dollar table, at the Amish stand where the deer escaped... and asked if they found their deer (as some Amish were stomping thru Matt's newly planted corn field last night...looking for lost bambi). And she said the deer came back last night, but as they were trying to get that deer in, another got are still on the lookout. :)


on another note...i got these awesomely cool markers at the store today...for ME...don't tell the kids...but they are specifically made to write on windows, or glass... i can write my bible verses on my big patio door, ( and leave secretive notes behind on all the mirrors in the house), and be all artsy. it is so fabulous...

must be off to get some real work done. outside. in the hot.


Kendra said…
we have those markers too, love them!

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