i hope you don't ever feel like my blog is a place that you get depressed because it's so filled with fakeness. filled with good things, and no bad things. i can't think that anyone would think that, with some of the stories that i tell, and my hope is that that is just not the case. i want this blog to be a place of realness. no matter what...i would like to keep my life "real". i don't want to hide things, i don't want to be fake. i want to be raw. and show my feelings and emotions, and hope this blog is somewhat of an encouragement for young moms out there in the roller coaster of life raising kids in this day and age. so...this post is showcasing another real moment(s) in my life.

So...i got this e-mail last night, and had to crack up...AFTER I was mortified... I mean. :)

[Oh my goodness, I'm dying laughing right now! We were eating dinner and Sophie said, "Little Kaycee's mom bites her children." I said What? and she said "yeah Campbell bites Kaycee so her mommy bites her back." I just started dying! The things we learn at the dinner table.]

So...just to clarify...I have NOT biten Campbell...EVER.
{but must say that I have been tempted too. :) }
We have had the conversation, which I guess Kaycee know...that really hurts people, how would you like it if mommy bit you...i thought i was driving my point home and that it would make a difference...the jury is still out on that one. What primitive thinking i know...i guess i was at my wits end that day, and now it's biting me in the butt. :)

She doesn't bite often, and it has only been Kaden and Kaycee, which that right there, makes me wonder a I wonder what Kaycee's preschool teachers heard. [nevermind that...i just asked her, and she said she didn't tell "Sophie" that, she told her teachers...] ugh. can i win here at life? at being a GOOD mom...really...

 Enjoy the chuckle. and here's to making more jelly, and watching my precious nephew and neice tOdaY. Super fUn. They loVe the farm, and have been playing outside all morning. Hopefully we'll keep it safe today. smiles......

and from the biting mom...

"Those who look to HIM are RADIANT; their faces are never covered with shame. Those who look to Jesus are RADIANT. Their countenence is that of a thousand stars."                                                 
                                                       Psalm 34:5.

p.s. it's now 4:30 pm and i just had a really bad, total crappy day. unbelievable.i really was feeling radiant this morning when i quoted that verse...funny how fast things can change. my day went from good and sunny to totally not. i would like a re-do. Lord...can i do this over? i really wish. enough. got to get dinner on the table, laundry put away, house cleaned and vacumed before we leave. hmmm.  :0) 

 hope this trip to the mountains with my hubs and kids will do the trick. Here's to having a Blessed Memorial Day holiday.


Kendra said…
oh, I am so afraid what my kids tell their preschool teachers! Now, Owen makes up a lot of stuff about having a dog and going to the mountains, so hopefully they just think it is a story with him! :)
Sarah said…
Oh man I'm still laughing:)Thanks for keeping it real! Sorry you had a crappy day...

Lamentations 3:23
Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.
Ang Stoltzfus said…
have a fabulous, relaxing, "husband all to yourself/kids" weekend!!!
hope you had a great weekend away! i think you do a great job at keeping it real on your blog and sharing the JOYS of motherhood

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