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Sunday, May 23, 2010

go phillies?

it would have been fun to have the kids there, only for a quick minute...when the phanatic came so close...they would have been amazed... :)

so...if you were actually watching the game...we were actually sitting right across the aisle from these druken idiots who kept holding up these signs when a batter came up to the box...i mean...i hate what alcohol does to people, but they were really being rediculously stupid...matt and i were just sitting there cracking up more than a few times. ugh.

so matt and i were tickled to be able to go to the phillies game with friends of ours...scott and ang. it was a bummer of a they lost 5-0...but there is something special about eating good market food and heading into the city, dodging traffic jams, and trying to "beat it" out of the stadium all the while laughing at all the funniness, well...and sadness, going on around you.

thanks for the stimulating conversation guys...and for the entire evening. :) you know that the ONLY time we get good seats like that, is when we get the priviledge of going with you. we love it!

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Ang Stoltzfus said...

Yay! LOVE hanging out with you guys! =)