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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Thanks for all who were praying for my mom, and our family. We found out yesterday, that my mom does NOT have cancer, but fibroids, which we will find out how we are handling another time...
* * * * *
this experience has really brought home the fact that i have never really experienced anything tremendously heart-breaking or hard in my life. i am scared for that day. all the while trying to live each one i have to the greatest of my potential.
* * * * *
i started to read about being "green" because my cleaning products are potentially seeping cancer into my children's bodies, as well as matt and i's too. wow. my eyes have been opened to a ton of stuff. but i am now struggling with what is my responsilbility as a parent? where do i draw the line, and resign to trust in the Lord? he certainly knows already...all of it. does anyone hear what i am saying?
* * * * * *
all to say. i am relieved we don't have to deal with cancer right now in my family. joyful. thankful. blessed. enjoy this day. mk.


Kendra said...

so glad to hear the news Missy! I dread the day when someone close in my family has cancer. Have lost both grandparents to lung cancer(but I was young) and have a dear friend (just turned 40) who has breast cancer that has spread to her lungs. Glad we don't have to "deal" with it in our families right now.

Mark and Heather said...

I hear you! I know there is a balance to be found, a place of trust versus fear. Still finding that place too!
love ya,

Rick/Ruthie said...

So thankful for the good report!Ruthie