the last of my projects.

so who knew there was a "pair" of these chairs in the attic...and i actually found a cute little table too, which of course i painted as well...good news is...this gas fireplace is broken...which means we might not get it fixed, which means get this thing out of here and the little table and these chairs will look so cute right here...can't wait. unless we realize next year, in the middle of winter, that we really do need a gas stove in here, then...well...we'll have to re-think the cuteness. :)

this little beauty i got at a yard sale for $20, a year or two ago...and matt was horrified i paid money for it, :) but i thought it had huge potential...
[try not to notice the dust on the left half...i had that door closed, and only the right one open, with a quilt hanging over the door...cute, right?]
ta-da. i even got matt's drill and took the doors off...all by myself.
yea me. [i usually hang pictures and stuff, but drills, not so much].

my own distressing and all. i think i love it.

another old chair. was hoping to get a bunch of lilacs in the pitcher yet, but all of them are about done...and brown...

and now...i put my paint stuff away, because i am moving outside for the next few days, mainly to get a suntan, but also to work in my flower beds to get ready to mulch. yeeee-haaaa. sleep tight.


you go girl.your house looks great. I wish i had that much motivation to paint...although like you I often start cleaning which turns into organization which turns into re-arranging the furniture i had to smile at that!
I worked ALL day in our flower beds and was EXTREMELY sore for it last night. Even though we don't own the house it was extremely rewarding. it is one of the areas in my life I can do and see RESULTS.
okay i am getting long winded.
Love ya,
Ang Stoltzfus said…
I LOVE THE WHITE CABINENT!!! in fact, i NEED something just like that. (us in our closet-less houses!) I'll buy it from you! =) & i'll pay way more than $20!! then matt would be thrilled that you bought it.

& i also LOVE this Macy Grey song that you have on here!!! Makes me wanna dance. =) gotta go find it on i-tunes!
Jane said…
All looks great!!! Too bad your lilacs are all about done. I have one outside my kitchen window that is just hitting its peak!! I just cut some yesterday to bring inside...but alas...all of my vases are they are in an old glass coffee pot...they smell good anyway.
Missy. said… it from this FABULOUS blog. (at her request of course)...
i have never seen a woman this real, raw, and talented. all should check it out, and read where it tells you too, if you are new to the blog. it will touch your heart like nothing else...i promise. :) mis.
Kendra said…
you do amazing work Missy! and I agree, Kelle Hampton's blog is the BEST! I stalk it everyday seeing if she has an update :) we can get tan tomorrow at the game instead of freezing!

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