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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my real. or life?

i don't know if this is real for everyone...or just MY real...but this was my job to tackle for YESTERDAY.
and THIS.and THIS.
now...i know SOME of this was MY fault. i am TOTALLY in agreement with having my children pick up their toys when they are done playing with them...but SOMETIMES it's just not worth the in yesterday, i was trying to tackle the deskwork, which meant calli went on a rampage upturning every game we have...hence the 2nd, i chose the deskwork, and now i will pay the price for that TODAY...

* * *

and then right before bed, that's 9 o'clock-ish around here,
i had rounded the kitchen corner, into the office, into the living room, and found this pile of clothes on the living room floor...
are you kidding me???
i sighed...

to find...campbell...IRONING...maybe my children are learning to be domestic after all. could it be?


(not to mention how she would haveburned her arm off?)

off to bed we went.

here's to TODAY. have a GREAT one.
[p.s. instead of getting the toy room cleaned up...i got my living room and sunporch/dining room deep cleaned. am i twisted or what? here's to tackling the REAL mess TODAY. :)]
and to the girls who i was with at the Beth Moore Simulcast on Sat.
Is this SECURE or what? who shows pictures like this? :)
only to encourage others like me...


Anonymous said...

hey miss
i was feeling like you today, with the "to dos" beckoning me when i read in my devo......
"let's seize the opportunity we have RIGHT NOW to love our children with a philo kind of love. though it is easy to become distracted by the constant demands of motherhood, we must not lose sight of this fact:
it hit home since i went to bed with a child with poopy underwear and came back this a.m from my walk with other pair and now another. i have two weeks to impact this little dude with the love of Jesus. can i do it? im praying. i love you're an amazing mom!

Mark and Heather said...

love it...for it it truly reality with four little kids! thanks.

Kim said...

Way to go Miss!! You put into practice what we learned this weekend. It begins in our minds...we need to act secure before we feel secure. Thanks for the encouraging all of us moms!!

Kendra said...

my house often looks like that, especially the pile of papers I cannot keep on top to save my life :) it is a never-ending job, but we need to enjoy our children more and worry about the messes later, they will still be there but those young babies will be teenagers before we know it!