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Thursday, April 1, 2010

chicken house work.

i had the priviledge of spending the morning with kaden at kindergarten helping out with their Easter celebration. that is always so much fun for me, and so much confirmation why the Lord didn't call me into early childhood education. :) i had my day pretty planned out. would come home, pick up kaycee from preschool, feed everyone, put down for naps, and spend the afternoon finishing painting kaycee and campbell's room, until dinner, and then we would scurry off to kaden's baseball practice.


my husband informed me upon my arrival home, that moppy (his mom) would be picking kaycee up from preschool, and then she would be taking the children to her house for the afternoon, so that i could help in the chicken house...ALL AFTERNOON. bummer. Huge bummer.

my husband and i...with a couple hours of help from uncle mark and kevin pulled off over 2500 drinker nipples...and you got it...REPLACED 2500 drinker nipples in just ONE house...only TWO more TO GO. can you say blisters? my thumbs are numb and raw...( we are very fortunate this only has to happen once every 8-10 years...yeeeeeee-haaaaa...this is the first time this has happened on this chicken farm...)

just finished the painting NOW...and i am off to bed. ummmm.

p.s. my father in law and brother in law and huband of course finished replacing the drinkers in house one and two. i was so thankful for their help...kept me out of there!

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