before -n- after.

my project from the past week. what do you think? :)


Kendra said…
you do wonders with decorating! what a difference a dark color on the cabinet and some paint can do! teriffic job!
Jane K. said…
Very Nice!!!
Missy. said… are right. counter-top does look a different color, but it's not...same old. same old. potty is new because old one was no good...broken. :( will be no time at all and this one will be falling thru the floor. :) have a good one. missy.
my mom said…
ok, you're a complete nut! do you ever rest? i can hardly believe all you accomplish in a just trying to get my new little guy to not throw shoes at the cat.......although you and meg might be cheering him on:)
love you and can't wait to have your kids!

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