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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my clean is clean?

just wanted to thank you all for your kind words and encouragement over "how clean is clean?" i guess i have decided that my house will NEVER be clean enough...if it were, i would not have time to do anything...but be here and well...clean!

it's not that i DIDN'T KNOW that my house wasn't clean...i know that full well...but as with anything in my life, when i feel like i am being "attacked" i retreat and get defensive. (that's a whole nother issue stemming from "family systems"...i know) i don't think i really needed to be told my house wasn't clean...although in hindsight it did KICK my butt in gear... i guess. :) it might have worked more "nicely" had my precious husband used the "sandwich" tacktic...meaning..."you know look so BEAUTIFUL today...i don't know how you have time to get all this work done...CLEAN the house, DUST, MANAGE and PLAY with the kids, and EVEN paint. Do you need me to HELP you clean the bathroom today???/..and i really APPRECIATE the EFFORT you are making to lose's really making a difference in how you look. (and i know that THAT is more family systems crap about why that would have worked better for me...)

all that to say. SMILES all around. i LOVE the warm sunny weather. (these are my curtains drying in the wind...i'm no joke...i mean it). my upstairs is almost all "deep cleaned" and then i can start down here. :) then i think i am going to try to implement a "cleaning schedule"...we'll see how that works in my life. you know, like mondays-bathrooms, tuesdays- kids rooms, etc. BEFORE i resort to a cleaning lady once a week. (it's just so painful for me to think of paying someone for something like cleaning...i would much rather use that money to say...get my hair highlighted...) but i have not OPTED that out. :)


Anonymous said...

hey love
a little behind as always, so i just read your clean blog. bless your heart( OUR hearts as wives and mothers). i could make a BIG excuse and say, you married a King. (my dad is a neat, clean, order guy and i think that comes with King). however, an older wiser friend of mine once told me that our job as wives is to do whatever we can to push our husbands into their destiny. "what about me and my destiny", i said. she replied that that is a major part of my destiny, helping him fulfill his. hummmmm, sounds slightly unfulfilling but i guess thats what titus 2 was talking about when he said, ...young woman be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, and obedient to their own husbands. now, i didn't see having a clean home in that scripture??????:) i love you and am praying for much grace and ENERGY to do all that is before you on this glorious day!

Megan said...

Hey Mis, got an idea for you, buy a highlighting kit at walmart & I can do your hair for you and you still have money for the cleaning lady! BTW a cleaning lady is in my five year plan :) cant wait!!
Megan B